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Cycling Tauern hills
Gollinger waterfall
Tauern panorama
Tauern bike river
Bike panorama tauern
From: 949€/person
8 days / 7 nights
Discover the beauty of Austria’s highest mountain range on this cycling tour around Salzburg, riding through alpine towns and witnessing stunning waterfalls.
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danube bike path
River bridge Austria
River panorama
Danube river bike
Bike danube
From: 949€/person
8 days / 7 nights
Leisurely to Moderate
Embark on a scenic adventure along the Danube River and cycle from Passau to Vienna, exploring Austria’s historic towns, vineyards, and cultural treasures.
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Drau river
Drau river panorama
ebike alps
Drau river
Drau river
Wide drau river
From: 799€/person
7 days / 6 nights
Embark on a family-friendly cycling adventure along the picturesque Drau River Valley, exploring quaint towns and enjoying refreshing dips in idyllic lakes.
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Carinthian Lakes
Carinthian Lakes
Carinthian Lakes
Carinthia panorama
From: 899€/person
8 days / 7 nights
Leisurely to Moderate
Explore Austria's sunniest region on an 8-day bike tour along Carinthian Lakes, featuring picturesque landscapes, charming towns, and unforgettable adventures.
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About Cycling Holidays Austria

Welcome to Cycling Holidays Austria, your gateway to unforgettable self-guided bike tours through this Alpine country’s breathtaking landscapes and charming towns.

We specialize in family-friendly and trekking bike tours, perfect for cyclists seeking a leisurely pace. Our self-guided tours offer flexibility, independence, and personalized experiences, ensuring you get the most out of your Austrian adventure.

Here is how we make your bike tour in Austria hassle-free:

  • We book your accommodations
  • Give you a comprehensive itinerary booklet
  • Provide you with a GPS track and an easy-to-use navigation app
  • Offer reliable customer support throughout the journey

Don’t wait any longer to embark on the cycling holiday of a lifetime. Explore our carefully curated bike tours and book your dream Austrian cycling experience today!

Where to Go On a Bike Tour in Austria?

This beautiful alpine country has so much to offer and many regions to choose from.

Don’t know which one to pick?

Here are some quick features of each to make your decision easier.

1. Carinthia: Lush landscapes and crystal-clear lakes

The Carinthian Lakes Bike Tour is a perfect choice for a refreshing summer getaway.

2. Danube: The majestic Danube River and picturesque towns

Descend gently along the Danube and explore Vienna on the Danube Bike Tour.

Cycling along the danube

3. Tauern: Breathtaking mountain scenery and natural wonders

Witness the highest Austrian mountain range on a Tauern Cycling Tour.

4. Drau: Serene river valley routes and historical landmarks

The picturesque Drau Cycle Path offers relaxed cycling for the whole family.

Cycling along the drau river

Austria on Two Wheels

Austria is perfect for cycling tours. The country experiences a mild continental climate, with warm summers and cool, crisp winters. During the cycling season, from late spring to early autumn, you can expect pleasant temperatures, ranging from 15°C to 25°C (59°F to 77°F). It could only get a little hotter in the peak summer months, with the hottest days in the lowlands between 30 and 35°C.

This comfortable weather makes for enjoyable rides, allowing you to fully appreciate the natural beauty of your surroundings.

But it wouldn’t be complete without indulging in the delicious local cuisine. From traditional hearty dishes to mouthwatering pastries, Austrian food is rich in flavor and history.

Along your journey, you’ll have the opportunity to taste national specialties like Wiener Schnitzel, Käsespätzle, and Apfelstrudel, as well as various regional delicacies. Be sure to sample the local beers and wines, as they perfectly complement the flavors of Austrian cuisine and help you unwind after a day of cycling.


We handle itineraries, accommodations, and anything else you prefer not to deal with, so you can enjoy carefree cycling holidays.

Handpicked Adventures

Only the best bike tours in Austria, cherry-picked by our team with an in-depth knowledge of the region.

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We are a financially protected company, fully bonded and insured, keeping your money safe and allowing you to travel with confidence.

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Things to know

Self-guided cycling tours provide a personalized and flexible approach to cycling holidays, allowing you to explore at your own pace and adapt your route or schedule as you see fit. With our team taking care of all logistics such as accommodations, detailed itineraries, GPS routes, and 24/7 support, you can enjoy a stress-free, immersive experience that offers independence, customization, and authentic encounters with local culture.

Our tours are described by the next difficulty levels: Leisurely, moderate, or challenging.

A tour can have harder and easier days, so our rating represents the difficulty of an average tour day. For now, all our tours are rated either leisurely or moderate, so the challenging category doesn’t yet apply.

Leisurely means that the tours mostly take part on flat and paved cycling paths, asphalt roads, or easy-going gravel tracks. They are suitable for everyone.

Moderate means that the tours may have some uphill climbs or feature some technically more demanding terrain. If you are of average fitness, these are all doable.

Challenging means that the tour days either feature long distances and many climbs or are done on technical terrain; Possibly on some downhill sections where skill with a mountain bike is required.

We continuously strive to find the perfect fit for you. We work with multiple accommodation providers that meet our standards, but their availability can vary, especially during peak season. We can also tailor your holiday according to your preferences and budget, ensuring we find the most suitable solution for your taste.

We recommend booking as early as possible. Many of our tours pass through popular tourist destinations where accommodation options are limited. The best choices often get booked for summer before spring arrives.

The ease of accommodating dietary restrictions depends on their severity. Vegetarian options are fairly common in Austria, but vegan dishes can be challenging to find in rural areas or smaller towns. Please note that lunch stops are often at traditional establishments that may struggle to cater to special requests outside of their standard menu. Keep this in mind during your trip.

Generally, late spring (May) and early autumn (September) are the ideal times for cycling, depending on the tour. Summer is also a fantastic choice because Austria has a milder climate.

Most tours can proceed even in light rain, provided you dress appropriately. Summer afternoon thunderstorms are not uncommon in the peak months of summer, so early starts are recommended. If the weather appears to be particularly unfavorable, we can try to adjust the tour beforehand.

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